Alexander Petros dot com

A photo of Alex Petros, wearing jeans and a white tshirt, watering plants in the foreground. To his left is a tall wooden fence.

My Websites

Unplanned Obsolescence
My blog about writing software that doesn't rot
The Floating Continent
My blog about software, for the people that software happens to
We Make Internet
Art project with my friend Morry

Selected Works

Here's a couple recent works that I'm proud of:

Ouroboros of Bullshit
Are you sure LLMs aren't eating their own tail?
Behavior belongs in the HTML
It was always meant to be functional
The Easiest Moment in Human History to Plan a Party
The difference between social networks and social media
Non-deterministic Model With a Gun
Robot AI performance art / digital circuitry
Why htmx Doesn't Have a Build Step
How to do less with less